The Yak Manifesto (for Gregory Corso)

by wechslerh66

He or she who yak’s is sacred, whether at 3 a.m. or in anonymous motels or on Sundays.

Everyone yak’s or wants to yak or has heard someone yak, & not w/o sympathy.

The yak in Corso’s “The Mad Yak” suffers; therefore, to yak = to suffer.

Someone who yak’s can be warm in the winter, even w/o the warm body of another.

Someone who yak’s is sufficiently tantric for someone else who is beginning to think in terms of warmth, & light, & not another.

Before there was yak, there was much merriment, often w. powerful narcotics, such as dope & saxophone & objectified women.

The yak is the return of merriment, in the form of suffering.

The yak offers an annulment of merriments past.

Someone who remembers the yak, remembers Eden.

The way it should be, nt. the way it was (o)

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