On Israel

by wechslerh66

Dear TIME Editors,

The wording of TIME’s September 13 cover, “Why Israel Doesn’t Care about Peace,” suggests a critical analysis of the US client state’s harsh political calculus. Unfortunately, the story itself (“The Good Life And Its Dangers” by Karl Vick) delivers an obnoxious encomium to Israeli hipness, disengagement, and technological ingenuity at the expense of a serious focus on Israel’s worsening treatment towards Palestinians, who exist solely as objects of the author’s condescension (e.g. “Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is taking a serious stab at governance”– how shocking to expect from a head of state!) or scorn (the tired cliche that Arafat “turned down a striking passage of Israeli concessions” at Camp David in 2000, which various policy analysts have debunked). His quote on the “security wall” (“‘The wall,’ marvels a former Israeli negotiator, ‘put the Palestinians on the moon,'” a metaphor he enjoys so much he abuses it twice more, including describing the Gaza Strip as the “dark side of the moon”) underscores Vick’s blind worship of brute Israeli power and “innovation,” an idolatry that permeates the whole article. I just wonder why TIME bothered using 1000 words to explain why Israel doesn’t care about peace when one sentence would have sufficed: Israel doesn’t care about Palestinians.

H. Wechsler
unpublished e-mail to letters@time.com, 9/8/2010