Seven Greg Dulli Songs That Involve the Word “Ass”

by wechslerh66













What makes Dulli so brilliant is, about half of these are ballads.

1. The Afghan Whigs, “Her Against Me” (“I know your ass is fine”)

2. The Afghan Whigs, “Be Sweet” (“Ladies, let me tell you about myself/, I got a dick for a brain/, And my brain is gonna sell my ass to you”)

3. The Afghan Whigs, “Faded” (twice: “Better get your ass up on the mountain, baby/, I’ll take you up tonight” and “Get your ass over here, boy”)

4. The Afghan Whigs, “My Enemy” (“The sun is gone/, the sky is black,/ So get your ass out from behind my back”)

5. The Afghan Whigs, “Somethin’ Hot” (“And the way you make yo’ ass shake”)

6. The Twilight Singers, “Beginning of the End” (“Walk in the room,/ I see your ass has gone/astray/, You’ve lost your way/, come find your way”)

7. Lo Fidelity Allstars, “Somebody Needs You” (“saw you shake that ass on the corner/, now get it on back to bed”)