City of Joyful Dread

I caught a fever, a holy fire

Month: November, 2013

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Revolution is the Pod


Revolution is the Pod
Systems rattle from
When the Winds of Will are stirred
Excellent is Bloom

But except its Russet Base
Every Summer be
The Entomber of itself,
So of Liberty —

Left inactive on the Stalk
All its Purple fled
Revolution shakes it for
Test if it be dead.

–Emily Dickinson (#1082)

He fed steak to the horses









“My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell.”

He fed steak to the horses
He fed porridge to the slaves
He wrested silks from Chinese corpses
He brought Africans back in chains

He owned coal mines in Courrières
He governed colonies in Seychelles
He withheld his workers’ wages
He sent enemies to their cells

He had no tolerance for saboteurs
He was devoted only to the franc
He valued luxury over brotherhood
He owed no loyalty to the rank

He wore the warmest coat in winter
He bore the faith of the devout
He was no atheist or sinner
He knew no modesty or doubt

He destroyed the bonds between us
He burned down our battered homes
He rewrote our dreams and meanings
He made us broken and unknown

& he will feed steak to his horses
He will feed porridge to his slaves
Until we all rise up in forces
& bury him deep in his grave

Photo of Hans Ormund Bringolf courtesy of Swiss Review.

Kanye West at Wells Fargo Center, 11-16-2013


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