No5 Orange

by wechslerh66


I belong to the dark chanteuse
who walks in beauty like the night

her eyes are like a wasteland
I will never know her name

our love is a Fata Morgana
where cosmonauts crash to work out their demons

where the taps flow
& Billie sings one never knows
& orders Odysseus on the rocks
& one more for the road

we are the martyrs of the rue morgue
the China doll on the Silk Road
the loup garou on the wrecking ball
Bonnie & Clyde on the run

our love is undocumented
we dance beneath a strange taxonomy
worn like exchange value
naked as an orange peel
holy as an effigy

when you talk to me I hear nothing but
the darkness of my own perception

& John the revelator
wrote the book of the seven sins