Someone Else’s GTO

by wechslerh66

Little GTO











no one on the empty boulevards
no one where we used to go
wintertime in West Pomona
where I rode my GTO

we were once a happy couple
from Cortez to San Jose
till some dragster dumped his junker
and took my GTO away

when we took off through Tarzana
“Shut Down” on the radio
her tachometer went crazy
when she was my GTO

weekend nights in San Jacinto
we went west to San Berdoo
till I wrecked the thing I wanted most
and now I’m baby blue

I miss her manual transmission
and the way her motor screams
I’m tortured by her on the turnpike
she destroys me in my dreams

now I roam the boulevards at night
so my sorrows never show
because he’s in her now in Poway
she’s someone else’s GTO