City of Joyful Dread

I caught a fever, a holy fire

Month: July, 2014

Haunted or Exhausted

Haunted House

I’m half the monster
I used to be

too much depravity
is bad for the soul

deprivation’s cheaper

Detroit is permanent Katrina

maybe we can take a permanent vacation

baby I’m talking to you

were you up all night
with the wide-eyed spooks
& the cool hand Lukes
of the slums

were they haunted or exhausted

will you recognize the rapture
when it comes

I wish that you would call
no matter what you call me

now that everybody’s in revolt

all the uncle Toms
& the bottle blondes
who never heard the news

tonight we’re gonna burn this town down
back to where it began

maybe it won’t be so different

baby I’m talking to you



Munch Meeting in Outer Space

meaning has no concept

you kill the sheepdog
when you move

you kill the sheepdog
with the way you move

Jesus never told me I was a sinner

I never repented

we were borne before the wind
bodies bloom in the summer ivy
eyes of ownership & the blaze of gaze
devil dancing doing devil days

concepts have no meaning

you kill the sheepdog
every time you move

you kill the sheepdog
with the way you move

did Jesus ever tell you you were a sinner

I never consented


Maxim Gorki

embittered youth
among the wretched of the earth

enemy of Cossacks
comrade of the working man
opponent of the order

to write is to reorder
to write is to recast the outcast

when you hear his name now
smut trumps tuberculosis

breasts in the West
Gorky dies a thousand deaths

breasts in the West
Gorky dies a thousand deaths

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Emerald Chord

nothing is original,
everything is borrowed

wrote Hassan-i Sabbāh
or was it someone else

but I still don’t know
who gave the poet who was
a junior when I was
a sophomore the words
her eyes were an emerald chord


Ape Man

the movements of men
are consumed with desire

the wasted fire
of a brutal youth
a brute nature
a reluctant truth

you can dream of evolution
as a blessing or a curse

with the worst of our regression
like transgression in reverse

the movement towards manumission
is a reluctant desire

as wasted youth
becomes brute nature
a brutal truth

you can rock like a macaque
or be a bohunk punk
you can masquerade your asses
where the masses hate the funk

the movements of Mozart
are brutally desired

the wasted nature
of a reluctant youth

if I were born years before
between the Deans and the Doors
I would have moved out west because the west is the best
I would have been a member of SDS
just a shot away from the murders & rapes
but the movements of men
are the movements of apes

Ape Man courtesy of

White Muchacho


the revolution will come
when I’m ready for it

the Himalayan apes
of modern ballet
will take you away
as Dwyane drains a trey

will your popes or preachers
bleeding Arthur Treacher’s
pause to Let Us Pray

were your dreams realizable
or cannibalized a little,
the dwarf didn’t say

drowning in your own domestication
delayed democracy is really domination
cause the Cherokee nation
got blown away
by your own people
by your own evil
when you were dancing with your darling to the Tennessee Waltz
& the Ballad of the Boll Weevil

a lone wolf howling at the marquee moon

under the covers everybody can become another lover

soul music for those who have no soul

sympathy for the blue-eyed devil

a euphemism for endless night

ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify

were we in Montserrat or Altamont

you only remember the memory now

if it can’t happen here, it didn’t,
so maybe it never happened

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A good reason

Why some people shouldn’t have children, #92:

‘…[N]ot one of them was a free agent,’ he said. ‘They were all tied to the merciless industrial machine. And the pathos of it and the tragedy is that they are tied by their heart-strings. Their children–always the young life that it is their instinct to protect. This instinct is stronger than any ethic they possess. My father! He lied, he stole, he did all sorts of dishonourable things to put bread into my mouth and into the mouths of my brothers and sisters. He was a slave to the industrial machine, and it stamped his life out, worked him to death.’
‘But you,’ I interjected. ‘You are surely a free agent.’
‘Not wholly,’ he replied. ‘I am not tied by my heart-strings. I am often thankful that I have no children, and I dearly love children. Yet if I married I should not dare to have any.’
‘That surely is bad doctrine,’ I cried.
‘I know it is,’ he said sadly. ‘But it is expedient doctrine. I am a revolutionist, and it is a perilous vocation.’

–from Jack London, THE IRON HEEL (1907)

Johnny Depp

















outsider on the inside out
Hunter Shit Gold

Frantz Fanon on Naftali Frankel, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Muhammad Abu Khdeir

“From the moment that the native has chosen the methods of counter-violence, police reprisals automatically call forth reprisals on the side of the nationalists. However, the results are not equivalent, for machine-gunning from airplanes and bombardments from the fleet go far beyond in horror and magnitude any answer the natives can make. This recurring terror de-mystifies once and for all the most estranged members of the colonized race. They find out on the spot that all the piles of speeches on the equality of human beings do not hide the commonplace fact that the seven Frenchman killed or wounded at the Col de Sakamody kindles the indignation of all civilized consciences, whereas the sack of the douars of Guergour and of the dechras of Djerah and the massacre of whole populations–which had merely called forth the Sakamody ambush as a reprisal–all of this is of not the slightest importance.”
–from “Concerning Violence” in The Wretched of the Earth

Only, where are the piles of speeches on the equality of human beings here?

Chomsky and Fanon

Or, why the Israelis aren’t classical colonial settlers, or, why the Palestinians are worse off than black South Africans under apartheid who were worse off than Algerians under French rule.

Within Israel, discrimination against non-Jews is severe; the land laws are just the most extreme example. But it is not South African–style apartheid. In the occupied territories, the situation is far worse than it was in South Africa, where the white nationalists needed the black population: it was the country’s workforce, and as grotesque as the bantustans were, the nationalist government devoted resources to sustaining and seeking international recognition for them. In sharp contrast, Israel wants to rid itself of the Palestinian burden. The road ahead is not toward South Africa, as commonly alleged, but toward something much worse.
–Noam Chomsky, “On Israel-Palestine and BDS”

After a phase of accumulation of capital, capitalism has today come to modify its conception of the profit-earning capacity of a commercial enterprise. The colonies have become a market. The colonial population is a customer who is ready to buy goods; consequently, if the garrison has to be perpetually reinforced, if buying and selling slackens off, that is to say if manufactured and finished goods can no longer be exported there is clear proof that the solution of military force must be set aside. A blind domination founded on slavery is not economically speaking worthwhile for the bourgeoisie of the mother country. The monopolistic group within this bourgeoisie does not support a government whose policy is solely that of the sword. What the factory-owners and finance magnates of the mother country expect from their government is not that it should decimate the colonial peoples, but that it should safeguard with the help of economic conventions their own “legitimate interests.”
–from Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth (trans. Constance Farrington)

But what about Sodastream?