Frantz Fanon on Naftali Frankel, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Muhammad Abu Khdeir

by wechslerh66

“From the moment that the native has chosen the methods of counter-violence, police reprisals automatically call forth reprisals on the side of the nationalists. However, the results are not equivalent, for machine-gunning from airplanes and bombardments from the fleet go far beyond in horror and magnitude any answer the natives can make. This recurring terror de-mystifies once and for all the most estranged members of the colonized race. They find out on the spot that all the piles of speeches on the equality of human beings do not hide the commonplace fact that the seven Frenchman killed or wounded at the Col de Sakamody kindles the indignation of all civilized consciences, whereas the sack of the douars of Guergour and of the dechras of Djerah and the massacre of whole populations–which had merely called forth the Sakamody ambush as a reprisal–all of this is of not the slightest importance.”
–from “Concerning Violence” in The Wretched of the Earth

Only, where are the piles of speeches on the equality of human beings here?