White Muchacho

by wechslerh66


the revolution will come
when I’m ready for it

the Himalayan apes
of modern ballet
will take you away
as Dwyane drains a trey

will your popes or preachers
bleeding Arthur Treacher’s
pause to Let Us Pray

were your dreams realizable
or cannibalized a little,
the dwarf didn’t say

drowning in your own domestication
delayed democracy is really domination
cause the Cherokee nation
got blown away
by your own people
by your own evil
when you were dancing with your darling to the Tennessee Waltz
& the Ballad of the Boll Weevil

a lone wolf howling at the marquee moon

under the covers everybody can become another lover

soul music for those who have no soul

sympathy for the blue-eyed devil

a euphemism for endless night

ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify

were we in Montserrat or Altamont

you only remember the memory now

if it can’t happen here, it didn’t,
so maybe it never happened

Photo courtesy of http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/latinos/braceros-texas-1950s.jpg.