by wechslerh66

Ape Man

the movements of men
are consumed with desire

the wasted fire
of a brutal youth
a brute nature
a reluctant truth

you can dream of evolution
as a blessing or a curse

with the worst of our regression
like transgression in reverse

the movement towards manumission
is a reluctant desire

as wasted youth
becomes brute nature
a brutal truth

you can rock like a macaque
or be a bohunk punk
you can masquerade your asses
where the masses hate the funk

the movements of Mozart
are brutally desired

the wasted nature
of a reluctant youth

if I were born years before
between the Deans and the Doors
I would have moved out west because the west is the best
I would have been a member of SDS
just a shot away from the murders & rapes
but the movements of men
are the movements of apes

Ape Man courtesy of http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/Ape_man_from_The_Lost_World.jpg.