by wechslerh66

Comet Lovejoy

to the haunted belong the ghosts
& ghosts belong to no one

we belong on coasts
“in search of Eldorado”
warm December breeze
dying in the jacaranda trees

I had a dream about you
we were both Confederates
but we could not endure, permanently,
half you and half me
I never expected the mystery
I never expected our union would be dissolved

we were far from home
ten thousand miles from Wollongong
“Down the Valley of the Shadow”
with Atlanta in flames
in the coldest winter
a walking nightmare
an endless bummer

were you alone beyond the wild lantana
was that where you kissed her
Gogi Grant wails from a lazy transistor
the wayward wind is a restless wind
a restless wind that yearns to wander

the Southern Cross is the brightest star
warning the dawn of night’s wandering ways
“shot through by topaz suns, and amethysts”
warm December breeze
kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
January will bring you to your knees

Photo (c) Wayne England. Available at