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Month: September, 2015

Saul Alinsky on Donald Trump

People must be “reformed”–so they cannot be deformed into dependency and driven through desperation to dictatorship and the death of freedom. The “silent majority,” now, are hurt, bitter, suspicious, feeling rejected and at bay. This sick condition in many ways is as explosive as the current race crisis. Their fears and frustrations at their helplessness are mounting to a point of a political paranoia which can demonize people to turn to the law of survival in the narrowest sense. These emotions can go either to the far right of totalitarianism or forward to Act II of the American Revolution.


GOP Debate II Deadblog

Some texts from two nights ago, because I wasn’t willing or able to do a live blog, and because I went to bed at 10 pm. (See my other blog for the concept.)

Lily 8:22 PM
This is pathetic and I can’t stand Republicans. Trump is attacking people

Lily 8:24 PM
Of course all problems r Obamacare bc people actually have healthcare

Lily 8:29 PM
Christie just dumped on NJ saying he wakes up to crazy liberal NJ and had vetoed every tax bill…bullshit. Our taxes are higher than when he started not lower. liar

Me 8:36 PM
It’s kind of funny other than that these people are totally serious

Me 8:36 PM
$4b and he can’t afford speech therapy

Me 8:37 PM
Jeb is probably urinating himself behind the podium

Me 8:38 PM
Rand Paul is too smart for his own good, i.e. smug high school debate conservative

Me 8:38 PM
Where are Huckabee and Rubio, I haven’t heard either so far

Lily 8:54 PM
I heard both and wish they’d shut up

Lily 8:56 PM
They’re all yelling about religion and how that fucking cow should be allowed not to marry gays

Me 8:58 PM
Bc only her religious freedom matters, not the religious freedom of the men or women who want to marry e other

Me 8:59 PM
Jeb is going crazy retracting his own comments and reinterpreting things so they make no sense. Romney wasn’t this stupid

Me 9:00 PM
Christie is a late 80s early 90s conservative, he’s running in the wrong century

Me 9:01 PM
Can’t wait to hear Trump talking about how dumpy Dana Bash is tomorrow. Then again she hasn’t asked him how he feels about women so she’s off the hook so far

Me 9:03 PM
Wait, Jeb’s argument that his anti women’s health comment won’t haunt him is that he’s really really pro life

Me 9:04 PM
“North Career” yeah yer from New Yawk

Me 9:05 PM
I think I hate Huckabee Cruz and Walker most of any of them

Lily 9:14 PM
They’re all fucking crazy

Me 9:19 PM
The audience is nuts too. They’re applauding the English language

Me 9:22 PM
Carson just explained that he supports immigration if it’s legalized slavery

Lily 9:26 PM
Yes he did and Rubio said only if u have money can u come to usa

Me 9:27 PM
40 countries in the western hemisphere have birthright citizenship which is exactly what the 14th amendment covers

Me 9:27 PM
Why is it a problem in 2015 when it wasn’t a problem for 150 years

Lily 9:36 PM
I want everyone out esp repubs

Me 9:39 PM
The fair tax= there’s no difference between capital and labor, both produce. OK sure….

Me 9:39 PM
Trumps the only one who makes sense on taxes

Lily 9:40 PM
I know and its scary

Me 9:41 PM
I’m still on Don’t tax people who produce, you know, capital

Lily 9:49 PM
Wait, Christie going to prosecute Hillary when he has Bridgegate NJ paid for what a liar

Me 9:59 PM
I think he said he was going to eat Hillary

Lily 10:33 PM
I think my brain cells seeped out my ear

Welcome to the desert of the real

I found a copy of Baudrillard’s Simulations at a flea market in West Philadelphia.

Me: “How much?”

Him: “50 cents?”

Me (giving him $1): “I could make any number of jokes ….. you could give me two tokens back rather than actual quarters.”

Him: “You want two tokens? I can give you two tokens I’m never gonna use–”

Me: “I live in Jersey.”