Tales from Oakland, October 2015

by wechslerh66




More photos

Vatos with gold chains, tshirts & jeans talking outside convenience store on Telegraph Avenue: “It’s lactose-free, but it tastes just like real milk.”

tshirts: I found this humerus, Legalize LA, Highagain

Homeless man on Broadway: “…but I ain’t too proud to beg–”

plus a few NLG meeting highlights:

Bankruptcy lawyer describing how he became a Marxist last summer: “Our planet is a bar run by the alcoholics.”

Me receiving Los Angeles labor lawyer’s business card: “Ah, area code 323.”
Him: “Yeah, to show you how insular LA is, I once called a colleague’s office in the 310 area, and when I gave his secretary my number, she said, 323, where’s that?”

Me: “Finally, someone’s at the Labor & Employment Committee booth!”
Her: “I’m just charging my phone.”

Speaker: “As [name redacted] always used to say– a longtime NLG member for decades, bless her, she’s deceased now–”
Several audience members: “No she’s not! She’s here!!”