The Burn

by wechslerh66

There are more than two Americas.
I live in several myself,
some of which don’t know,
though more don’t
but some do.

We make our own way,
the one we’ve been wading through.
We occupy a moment,
we take this disco back.
We look all white
but our dread is black.
& who are We
other than the sum of something?

E pluribus human

from every Other, One

(some of us are here)

Some say the world won’t end in ice or fire or fear.
Some say the world won’t end at all.
We’ll just walk the wire
or fall,

one nation,

He said, sometimes all you can do for another person is to
stand in the rain with him†,
and it’s a hard rain.

† Jack Melancon, quoted in Staughton Lynd, Wobblies & Zapatistas