Starbucks Hates Jesus

by wechslerh66


I was born in Alabama
not the one in Alabama
never been to Tuscaloosa
I hate atheists & Buddha
& Starbucks hates Jesus

I fell in love with a Duggar sister
she broke it off before the first trimester
Dred Scott makes me think of a fetus
when the baby’s born, gonna name him Cletus
& Starbucks hates Jesus

“Madam and Eve,” how do you explain
how can a woman take a woman’s name
how can an American be called Hussein
everyone’s middle name should be Wayne
unless you read the Koran & Saul Alinsky
or 50 shades of something kinky
in a purple tutu with Tinky Winky
& Starbucks hates Jesus

Communists took my tree & wreath
my ornaments & my Toby Keith
gave me blank coffee cups & meaningless chatter
it’s a blue Christmas when red lives don’t matter
because Starbucks hates Jesus
(make America great again!)
& Starbucks hates Jesus
(Heal. Inspire. Revive.)
& Starbucks hates Jesus
(from Hope to Higher Ground)
Starbucks hates Jesus