Resurrection City

by wechslerh66


It rained 28 days in 42 nights
in Resurrection City,
but we’re just beginning to see the light
in Resurrection City

where we sang work songs & rang the bell
where who I am became someone else
where “you don’t pay no taxes & you don’t go to jail”
in Resurrection City

“without burning a match or firing a gun”
in Resurrection City
we’ll bring the poor people to Washington
in Resurrection City

Brown Berets & Black Panthers & Appalachians
the bloodless war of a Rainbow Coalition
we went from reform to revolution
in Resurrection City

on Mule Trains and Freedom Trains we came north and east
to Resurrection City
singing We Shall Overcome and Be Released
in Resurrection City

wake up America, no more waiting in line
“Soul Power!” will be our battle cry
deny, defy & occupy
down in Resurrection City

our means are justified, our end belated
in Resurrection City
our hope & rage will not be wasted
in Resurrection City

six weeks went down & our movement was done
with tear gas & firebombs they welcomed us home
now the Stones say you can’t always get what you want
but maybe next time,
when we resurrect Resurrection City

Further reading
“Class Resurrection: The Poor People’s Campaign of 1968 and Resurrection City,” Robert T. Chase, Essays in History, Volume 40, 1998

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