Malcolm X 2016, Making America Great Again

by wechslerh66

Kelefa Sanneh misses the mark in his recent New Yorker profile of Ben Carson:

When Carson mentions racial uplift, he often adds a quick disclaimer, noting that his policies are meant “not only for African-Americans but for everybody.” Sitting on the bus, though, he advocated a kind of economic separatism. “If we would learn how to turn our dollars over in our own community, two or three times, before you send it out—that’s how you generate wealth,” he told me. “That’s how the Jews did it. That’s how the Koreans did it.” Half a century earlier, Malcolm X made a strikingly similar argument, saying, “If we try and establish some industry in our own community, then we’re developing to the position where we are creating employment for our own kind.” Of course, Malcolm X’s entreaty was accompanied by a caustic corollary that probably would not impress the Republican electorate. “Once you gain control of the economy of your own community,” he added, “then you don’t have to picket and boycott and beg some cracker downtown for a job in his business.”

No, you’d have a good chunk of the Republican electorate (and most of the Republican Establishment) at “you don’t have to picket and boycott;” they would be willing to overlook the “cracker” part if it means Blacks would leave, form their own businesses, and not unionize yours or theirs. It’s called “black capitalism” (or “community self-development”); Richard Nixon among others was a supporter. In fact, if this were the entirety of Malcolm X’s political platform, he could very well win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, all else being equal. (He’s dead, but that helps too= he’s been “self-deported!”)