Helter Shelter

by wechslerh66


we don’t need no liberation
my baby’s got it all right here
hanging out in the back of the bus
with the Blacks and us
it’s a family affair
yeah, it’s a family affair

(He loved them.  He is his father–the black man is Charlie’s father.)

we don’t need no crucifixion
Jesus get it on right here
this block is rockin’ all night long
Patty, Susan & Dawn
& the son of man
we’re a family band
yeah, we’re a family band

(Now, this being the Easter season, there is an analogy here between Mr. Manson–this may sound at first blush to be ridiculous, and we are not suggesting that Mr. Manson is the deity or Christlike or anything like that–but how can we know?)

we don’t need no resurrection
salvation’s just a shot away
we ain’t gonna talk about war no more
gonna lay down our arms
we’re the family of man
yeah, we’re the family of man

(I know Charlie.  I know him inside and out.  I became Charlie.  Everything I once was, was Charlie.  There was nothing left of me anymore.)

Photo courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sharon_Tate_in_Eye_of_the_Devil_trailer_1.jpg.  Quotes from Leslie Van Houten, Irving Kanarek, and Paul Watkins courtesy of Helter Skelter.