City of Joyful Dread

I caught a fever, a holy fire

Month: September, 2018

Him, Returning

your poetry
is too much like
that thing
I ran from

once I knew




broke n****s thuggemup
coke n****s druggemup
joke n****s fuggemup
woke n****s duggemup

protest wrote the Constitution

protest wrote the Constitution
fugitive slaves freed the slaves
(we say enslaved)
our cities were never surrounded in flame
we never heard sirens in the night
beckoning us back to the rocks
where our dreams are over
and we carry on
wash the blood off the flag
and wave it proudly*

*Mari Matsuda, “Voices of America: Accent, Antidiscrimination Law, and a Jurisprudence for the Last Reconstruction,” Yale Law Journal 1991